The Apprenticeship Hack empowers apprentices to use their experiences to find meaningful solutions or ‘hacks’ for increasing apprenticeship diversity for their organisations.

How It Works

  • Sign Up

    Tutor or Managers signs up to The Apprenticeship Hack

  • Deliver Your Hack

    Tutors or Managers select apprentices to represent diverse backgrounds (e.g BAME, Gender, Disability etc) to hack their diversity and inclusion

  • Align To Strategy

    When you have completed a hack, align all outcomes to your organisational strategy to set an action plan

  • Launch Time

    You are now well prepared to rocket launch and accelerate diversity and inclusion within your organisation

Benefits To Employers and Training Providers

  • Meet key D&I performance indicators and Accelerate D&I Efforts

  • Blended Learning Approach

  • Enhance Diversity and Inclusion Evidence For Ofsted, Matrix, ISO and regulatory body audits

  • Connect With Leading ePortfolio Organisations To Evidence Off The Job Learning

  • Register Multiple Users For Multi-SIte Organisation

Benefits To Apprentices

  • Empowered and Engaged

  • Enhance Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours

  • Collect Off The Job Learning Hours

  • Contribute To The Vision and Direction of Company

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